Billy Hatton and The Fourmost

The amazing Billy Hatton talks about his time with The Fourmost during Liverpool’s Merseybeat days.

Guitarist/vocalist Brian O’Hara and best friend guitarist/vocalist Joey Bower formed The Two Jays in 1957 and did a six week tour of the Isle of Man. The group changed its name to the Four Jays in September 1959 when bass guitarist/singer Billy Hatton and drummer Brian Redman joined the group.

They made their debut at the Cavern Club on 1 March 1961, nearly three weeks before The Beatles. Rhythm guitarist/singer Mike Millward (ex-The Undertakers) joined the Four Jays in November 1961, followed by drummer/singer Dave Lovelady in September 1962. The band changed its name to The Fourmost in June 1962. On 30 June 1963, the group signed a management contract with Brian Epstein. This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and signed to EMI’s Parlophone record label. Find out more here.

Here’s Billy with The Fourmost On Ready Steady Go with ‘Baby I need Your Loving’



  1. Nicky says:

    I wonder if any of the Fourmost remember when they did gigs at the Queen Of Hearts in Queensbury middlesex, and sometimes stayed in a flat i lived in opposite the pub, we used to have such a laugh i will never forget those days in the 70s. ( I hope they remember )

  2. michaela butler says:

    wondered if you remember doing a gig in Brandon in Suffolk in November 1966…the club was above the Co-OP and was run by my grandad Verdun Butler. My mum was suppose to be working there that night and was looking forward to seeing you perform but she went into labour with me and you guys gave her a signed photo to her and the baby. sadly she lost it and always talks about it . wondered if you had any photos of that era you could sign and send to my mum Rita…hope you can help….many thanks Michaela X

  3. We’re in the music biz here in the USA.
    Are you guys still active ?
    We might have a project that would interest you.

  4. Carole says:

    I’m searching my family tree and have just found out that I’m related to billy. I have always loved the music of the 60s but always listened to the foremost in particular and they inspired me to sing which I have continued to do. My uncle’s best friend for many years was billy fury and we were brought up in the Dingle and billy would come round and sing. Those were great times events though I was only small so thank you to the foremost for bringing such great music into our lives

  5. Tony Gould says:

    I was taught to play guitar by Brian O’Hara from 1973-1976. He called himself “The Big Kahuna” I learned a lot from him and he was a great guy. 310-804-5083

  6. Tony Gould says:

    Him and the band had a farm/ranch in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was really kool to play with them.

  7. Philip Jones says:

    Hi, I used to be in the witnesses who played on 1966 cruise with you to the med etc. Also you got us some gigs.You had George peckham I think playing then.Sorry to hear about Brian, very sad. I have just moved back up north after being in Norfolk for many years. Good to see you are still playing, rgds Phil Joned

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