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  • Giant Spectacular Sea Odyssey

    Giant Spectacular Sea Odyssey

    A look back to earlier this year when in between 20th & 22nd April, Liverpool was taken over by the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular performed by French street theatre company, Royal de Luxe.

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  • Open Source Swan Pedalo

    Open Source Swan Pedalo

    What would you do with a Swan Pedalo?

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  • The Temple of a 1000 Bells

    The Temple of a 1000 Bells

    The launch of Laura Belém’s Temple of 1000 Bells.

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  • Giants in Anfield

    Giants in Anfield

    From a Biennial Commission in Anfield called ‘On the Street’. An amazing video installation from Ed Purver.

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  • The School Desk Project

    The School Desk Project

    ipod version The School Desk Project – new ways to distort old graffiti from Nathan Jones.

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  • To the Youth

    To the Youth

    ipod version   Two versions of the same poem by Nordahl Grieg performed beautifully by Grethe Borsum and Nathan Jones.  Part of the NICE Festival in Liverpool.

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  • NICE Festival

    NICE Festival

    ipod version   The Nordic Arts & Culture Festival returns to Liverpool from 19th November to 3rd December, showcasing contemporary Nordic Culture. Music: Motion Field – Ancient Science.

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  • A Small Cinema

    A Small Cinema

    ipod version   A Small Cinema, is a unique short film event borne out of a fascination and desire to recreate the classic cinematic experience. Complete with smartly dressed ushers, velvet curtains, and popcorn. A Small Cinema offers a refreshing alternative to the multiplex. Saturday saw ‘A Small Cinema‘ on Bold Street, part of the AND Festival and the Bold Street Festival.

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  • Canal Taxi

    Canal Taxi

    The Canal Taxi has been doing the rounds in the canal over the summer. It is the brainchild of Dutch artist Lambert Kamps. An upside down hackney cab donated by local company Taxifix has been transformed into the vessel and his progress tracked by young people from the local area. Surely someone will put in a tender for the commercial operation of a water taxi service. It’s like a hidden world.

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