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  • Granby Street Market 2017

    Granby Street Market 2017

    Filmed in June this year on a bright Saturday morning. It’s great to see how far the Granby area has come since I filmed there 10 years ago. Here’s a link to that film so you can see the difference.

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  • Giant Spectacular Sea Odyssey

    Giant Spectacular Sea Odyssey

    A look back to earlier this year when in between 20th & 22nd April, Liverpool was taken over by the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular performed by French street theatre company, Royal de Luxe.

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  • Grace The Swan

    Grace The Swan

    Adam Pope and Katherine Hannah from the BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast show, and are trying to travel the length of the Leeds to Liverpool canal in the Open Source Pedalo! They set off on Wednesday 14th and hope to arrive in Leeds on Friday 23rd – This is for Sport Relief 2012 and you can sponsor them here You can see what happened when Grace arrived in Leeds in a video by Sam Meech here.

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  • The Reason Beer is More Expensive in Pubs.

    The Reason Beer is More Expensive in Pubs.

      Why is beer so much more expensive in pubs than in the supermarket? Photographs by Kevin Casey

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  • The Liverpool Overhead Railway

    The Liverpool Overhead Railway

    Some excellent examples of computer regenerated construction from Steve Wheeler, which forms part of a documentary film currently being made about the Liverpool Overhead Railway. More information can be here.

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  • The Dragon Dance

    The Dragon Dance

    ipod version <

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  • The Big Wheel

    The Big Wheel

    I heard the Big Wheel comes down tomorrow, which is a shame – I think it’s a good addition to Liverpool One and the views are great. It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do:)

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  • Squash Nutrition

    Squash Nutrition

    ipod version Squash Nutrition is an arts and health initiative that promotes creative health education through workshops, courses, events and training. They’ve been cultivating a brown site along the canal since Easter.

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  • Canal Taxi

    Canal Taxi

    The Canal Taxi has been doing the rounds in the canal over the summer. It is the brainchild of Dutch artist Lambert Kamps. An upside down hackney cab donated by local company Taxifix has been transformed into the vessel and his progress tracked by young people from the local area. Surely someone will put in a tender for the commercial operation of a water taxi service. It’s like a hidden world.

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  • Hartley’s Village

    Hartley’s Village

      The Hartley’s Village Community are putting in an application to obtain heritage status which well enable them to preserve the history of the area as well as supporting the community.

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