Liverpool Stories is a project I started back in 2005. I was just starting a MA in New Media at John Moores University in Liverpool and I was interested in video production and distribution opportunities made possible via RSS.

I wasn’t interested in covering the local news, more the stories from people I came across or things that people suggested. I also set some basic rules, such as not to take more than a day to film and edit, that way, the project could grow organically without becoming a burden. It was interesting to look at the work as a collective rather than individual pieces and learning that you couldn’t use the same tricks or techniques – it soon becomes repetitive. So it was fun thinking on my feet and having some fun without being too precious. Sometimes other people have contributed work of their own which all fed into the mix.

So what next? Work commitments have meant I haven’t contributed to the project as much as I would have liked to in 2011. But with 2012, and a bit of a re-vamped website, I hope that this can change.

Let’s see what happens.